If you are going to get read it may as well be at the same time as getting compared to Bette Davis in Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Not only is that an awesome film but Bette Davis is the QUEEN OF EVERYTHING. 

things i need to watch, re-watch, or finish watching

Getting on Ep3


Any Human Heart

Absolutely Fabulous


did you hear about the morgans

sherlock holmes films

midnight in paris


tinker tailor soldier spy


the boys

the stepford wives

of human bondage

all about eve


I think Jane is a pretty accurate depiction of what I’ll be like forty years from now. 

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“She did it the hard way.” 

The top left photo.
Actually, all of them.  

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Colorized (super quickly, sorry) for paintingdaydreams to assure her that no TV show shall stand in the way of my love for Bette Davis.

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There’s no question about it. The big romance of my life — really, underneath — was this work I do.

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What Becomes a Legend Most?

Bette Davis 1968.

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One of the best films in existance. like ever.
Bette Davis. My Idol.